For over 18 years, VIVO360, Inc. (VIVO360) recognized that to achieve the goals of its partners, its digital marketing services had to consider three fundamental pillars to become a leader in service delivery for communities of business, nonprofit and policy makers locally, nationally and globally. In 1981, this practice became known as “Social Impact Theory’” VIVO360inc leverages these pillars when undertaking the objectives of the corporate client, the impact of the objectives on the consumer and the environment in which an effective and sustainable change could occur.

Skillfully engaging partners with shared values, VIVO360 created an interconnected and 360-framework that fosters access across these systems to engage and support partners whose business philosophy and values are geared towards producing a positive impact to their customers, partners and policy makers. Through years of providing digital communications, strategic brand positioning, community engagement and fostering leadership opportunities aimed at strengthening personal development, VIVO360 has been creating impact among diverse communities, locally, nationally and globally. Today, VIVO360 is known for its strength and power to effect change through its capacity to create social, economic, health and environmental impact resulting in the revitalization of the livelihoods of people, communities and brands among nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

VIVO360 is known as a champion of diversity, promoting equity and inclusion, fostering education development through its mentorship initiatives and working with nonprofits seeking to advance the quality of life for marginalized communities through workforce development and technical training. Through its practice, knowledge, skills, staff and partners, VIVO360inc remains committed to delivering sustainable and positive outcomes in its community of service, through its partnerships, clients and policy makers seeking to attain an impact on the lives of families at large.

Learn how VIVO360 remains committed to:

Social Impact through Diversity

Through our commitment to communities we have touched brought change in the lives from each sector we partner with.

  • Nonprofit – 556,000 (The Links, Jack & Jill, NAACP)
  • Transportation (Air Line) – 300,000,000+ (Delta Air Lines & Hartsfield-Jackson)
  • Finance – 60,000 (Voya Financial – City of Atlanta)
  • Health – 672,000 (Morehouse School of Medicine)
  • Supply Chain – 1 million+ (Summit Container)

Social Impact through Equity and Inclusion

  • Funds expended through partnerships and social equity

Social Impact through nonprofit engagement

  • Multiple communities benefiting from this practice
How We Help Clients

Diversity & Inclusion


Global Health Systems

Innovative Technology


Community Involvement
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