Jack and Jill of America

Jack and Jill’s Revitalization

VIVO360 has partnered with Jack and Jill of America, a historic membership organization of mothers dedicated to nurturing future African American leaders, to revitalize their website. VIVO360 not only designed and developed their new website but revamped their brand. By incorporating images of members, families and the children they serve daily, VIVO360 was able to translate the programs of the organization into visual representations. This ‘member-centric’ approach focuses on the mother’s and the work they do to mentor their children.

The old website did not keep the end-user top of mind. The result being an unresponsive design which left many members and users of the website with a disconnected experience depending upon the device they are using. To alleviate the organizations clunky digital environment VIVO360 designed an intelligent responsive website. The responsive design rearranges content as well as the functionality of the website depending on the device the site is being viewed on.

Staff members are able to make updates easily due to the website being designed in a custom WordPress CMS theme.

VIVO360 seamlessly integrated the Jack and Jill brand across the new digital project while incorporating functionality features to bring their digital presence into the modern day.