Organizing Supplier Diversity With Delta

Organizing Supplier Diversity With Delta

Under the leadership of Delta Air Lines, Inc.’s (Delta) incoming CEO, Ed Bastian, came a new initiative that was too often left as an afterthought. Bastian made a commitment to supplier diversity. He outlined key performance indicators (KPI’s) and goals for each of Delta’s Business Units to work with diverse suppliers. His main goal, the end result of his new charge, would be to have Delta be a part of the Billion Dollar Roundtable. A prestigious conference where companies that spend over $1 billion annually with diverse suppliers are invited to attend.

With this new charge came the task of procurement and supplier diversity to relay to Delta’s business units the Delta approved suppliers already in their database. For many years procurement and Delta employees had to reach out to supplier diversity to obtain a list of diverse suppliers. This list would provide necessary but basic information about a supplier. Just NAICS codes and certifying organizations. What procurement and Delta employees were looking for was a resource that would outline the unique characteristics of a supplier and eventually separate the best of the best from the pack.

Ed Bastian

Ed Bastian

Supplier diversity tried to provide this information as well, but with a small staff and limited budgets, the task could never be completed to the standard at which Delta is known for.

VIVO360 saw this as a challenge that needed a digital solution. A platform for Delta Supplier Diversity, Procurement, Business Units, and Approved Suppliers to communicate with one another while housing precious supplier data.

What VIVO360 created was a digital directory of approved suppliers that could be easily sent as a web link or email to Delta’s Business Units and Procurement. The digital directory included the suppliers’ name, contact information, NAICS codes, and all of the data that was originally collected by Delta. What VIVO360 did was take the directory a step further by providing designs for icons that classified a suppliers diverse status into one of the following categories: Minority-Owned, Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Disabled Business, Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise, LGBT Business Enterprise, and (something unique to Delta) Corporate Plus.

Delta All Star Directory

Delta All-Star Directory

VIVO360 also added headshots of the suppliers, company logo’s, client logo’s suppliers have done business with and certifying organization icons. We even, at the request of Delta, organized the directory into the business units categories their employees were familiar with.

We rounded out the directory by providing a glossary of terms for employees who would be unfamiliar with any terms in the directory, as well as provided letters from the CEO, Supply Chain Management, and Supplier Diversity explaining the importance of Delta’s new charge.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.19.05 PM

The directory is not just a tool but a resource to the company and to the suppliers that enable for a more seamless interaction to procuring services/products from suppliers. Armed with the directory, Delta Business Units, Procurement, and Supplier Diversity are leaps ahead in reaching the CEO’s goal of increasing Delta’s supplier network and attending the Billion Dollar Roundtable Conference.

If you or your team think that a supplier directory would be a great resource, please email me, Nage Gibson-Thompson at

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