Halloween at Work

Halloween at Work

Halloween is the second most popular holiday; Christmas is the first, of course! Christmas work parties are a tradition; nowadays Halloween work parties are becoming more and more popular. Here are a few Halloween Do’s and Don’ts for your next Work Halloween party.



Do: Costumes are a must! From just hearing cat ears too coming in full on Vampire costume.

Don’t: A sexy costume is a no no! We still need to be professionals in a work environment.


Trick or Treat:

Do: Must have treats! Bowls full of candy at your desk or in the office kitchen. Have a sweet potluck; all co-workers bring in homemade cupcakes and cookies. Mmmmm!

Don’t: Bring toothbrushes or healthy snacks. One day out of eating healthy wont kill you.



Do: Team building games and activates is good for the work place.

Don’t: You don’t want to embarrass anyone, don’t be a sore looser or a winner that brags too much.



Do: Decorating is fun! Decorate until your hearts content. You can decorate your desk or cubicle and/or decorate the whole office.

Don’t: I would check or ask your co-workers first before you go crazy with the decorations. You don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t celebrate Halloween.


Halloween Parties at work is a positive for employee morale and team building. Gets people to let loose a little and just have fun.

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