Celebrate National Burger Month!

Celebrate National Burger Month!

May is National Burger Month, and we celebrated big in the VIVO360 office. We ate lunch together over a juicy burger and we each shared what we love most about burgers.


VIVO360’s President, Sophie’s Burger

Sophie does not eat your typical beef burger, so she enjoys a black bean patty when she chooses to indulge in a burger. She loves a black bean patty topped with guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and anything that adds Jamaican flavor; hot peppers are “to die for,” on her burger, she says. When Sophie still lived in Jamaica, her homeland, her mother would make burgers for her. Her mom made her own recipe with scallions, and many Jamaican seasonings mixed into the meat and passed through a grinder to mix all the flavors together. Now Sophie enjoys a black bean burger with a side of delicious sweet potato fries. Her drink of choice to wash down her bites is a lychee martini.


Egan’s Burger

Egan enjoys Angus beef burgers the most! He remembers the first burger he ever tried was from Burger King, and now prefers it to the classic McDonalds burger. He likes his burgers topped with ketchup and mustard, but if he could choose anything and everything to decorate his burger it would include two Angus patties with mushrooms, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese, drizzled with hot sauce. Egan enjoys a spicy burger. His favorite side is sweet potato fries and if he’s in a bar setting enjoying his burger he’s drinking a cold beer.


Montana’s Burger

Montana loves burgers! He enjoys a well-cooked burger over a steak any day. He prefers his burgers to be cooked on the grill. Montana promises anyone that his dad makes the best burgers. His dad’s burgers will make you choose a burger over a steak as well! One of Montana’s favorite ways his Dad makes burgers is when he puts bleu cheese in the patty before they’re cooked, so it melts throughout the burger while cooking. His favorite burger recipe is a patty topped with mushrooms, bacon, and Swiss cheese. He loves a burger accompanied with a cold Pepsi, but will take a Coke instead since he is a new Georgia resident.


Denae’s Burger

Denae loves a good classic burger. She suggests a burger-cooked medium is the best way to enjoy a burger. She says as soon as it starts getting warm outside and summertime is approaching, she only craves burgers. She enjoys a burger topped with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fried egg. She even sometimes likes to dip her burger bites in chipotle ranch. She loves a side of waffle fries with her burger. Denae keeps it simple and enjoys a glass of cold water to go with a burger.

                               Celebrate National Burger Day at ATL Airport

Check out what VIVO360 Inc., Golin, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport have been cooking up for National Hamburger Day. We share some of the best spots to get a hamburger while traveling in the airport. Check out our social. If you like the look and feel of this video drop us a line at newbusiness@vivo360inc.com.