Join Us in Congratulating our Founder and President, Sophie Gibson for Having MOXIE!

Join Us in Congratulating our Founder and President, Sophie Gibson for Having MOXIE!



Sophie Gibson, VIVO360’s Founder and President, is a finalist in in the Influence Award category of the second annual, Gwinnett Chamber’s Moxie Awards, which recognizes women who are making it happen.


The Moxie awards recognize female leaders who are making a difference in business and their community. Sophie strives to be a better version of herself every day through impacting the lives of others, whether it’s through her work or giving back through her nonprofit organization, Show You Care.


“I’m honored to be a finalist amongst such stellar leaders” said Sophie.


The awards ceremony will conclude a two-part program on August 29. It will begin with a panel, featuring Liz Gillespie, Partner and Vice President, North American Properties; Sara Irvani, CEO, Okabashi; Hala Moddelmog, President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber; and Natalie Morhous, President, RacTrac.


The VIVO360 team invites you to join us in celebrating our leader at the Moxie award ceremony to take place at the Infinite Energy Forum, Thursday, August 29, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, visit



VIVO360 Highlights Black Entrepreneurs in celebration of Black Business Month


VIVO360 would like to celebrate Black Business month this year by highlighting black men and women who have helped to shape American Business. These stories are here to empower entrepreneurs.


                                                                Sophie Gibson




As we continue to celebrate Black Business Month, VIVO360 commemorates our Founder and President, Sophie Gibson, ( born on the island of Jamaica with parents who instilled in her a drive to succeed, Sophie moved to the United States on her own as an immigrant at 19.

With hard work and determination, she had her first business in New York City at 21, while still in College. Sophie has a huge heart and has always given back to her community and to organizations that focus on children and education. Back in 2001, Sophie created a new kind of agency – one that was digitally-led with marketing at the core. 18 years ago, this was not the easiest concept for many agencies or companies. Today is the way it is. For us at VIVO360 we are thrilled to learn each and every day from a pioneer!


     Alonzo Herndon



Alonzo Herndon (  is the founder of Atlanta Life Insurance Agency. He was born a slave from a mother and a slave master. When slavery was abolished, the family became free, but they were destitute. So, when he was growing up, he did odd jobs to make ends meet. He was a laborer and peddler, but his family mostly did sharecropping. With 11 dollars in his pocket, he decided to move to Senoia Georgia, where he started working as a farmhand and also started to learn the barbering trade. He then eventually opened his shop in Jonesboro and went into Atlanta to help another barber to open three more shops. He went onto to invest in real estate and eventually bought a failing mutual aid association in 1905, which later became what most people today as Atlanta Life Insurance Company.







Clara Brown


Clara Brown ( was born in 1800’s in Virginia. She got married at 18 and had four children, but the family was eventually separated from each other, scattered across the United States. She was sold to a plantation owner in Kentucky.  At the age of 56, she was set free and decided to go west to a small mining town in Colorado, where she started to work different odd jobs, which included cooking and being a midwife. With the money that she saved she began to invest in mining claims and land. She became known as Aunt Clara because of the financial and emotional support she would give to other African Americans in the area. At the end of the Civil War, Brown could freely travel and liquidated all her assets to find her daughter, but she was unsuccessful in finding her. She paid the way for 26 or more relatives and others who were former slaves to move to Colorado. She is in the Society of Colorado Pioneers for her role in Colorado’s early history.





VIVO360 Scores Big with Four 2019 Communicator Awards of Excellence and Two Awards of Distinction

VIVO360 Scores Big with Four 2019 Communicator Awards of Excellence and Two Awards of Distinction



VIVO360, Inc. (VIVO360) has won SIX Communicator Awards for 2019 and secures rightful place among the elite in the world of creative excellence, marketing and communications.


The winners of the 25th Annual Communicator Awards were officially announced in May 2019 by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. With more than 6,000 entries received from across the U.S. and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring big ideas in communications and marketing and creative excellence for communications professionals. Winners who received the competition’s highest honor, the Award of Excellence, include VIVO360, ESPN Films, Forbes Media, PepsiCo, Scorpion, WWE and Publicis Sapient.


We couldn’t have achieved this accolade without our outstanding client partner, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport—and we look forward to garnering many more awards together.


Winning both highest and several other honors was “It’s Game Time,” the Super Bowl commercial created for ATL Skypointe—the concessions program at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport—and it aired throughout the airport on the CNN network during Super Bowl LIII.


It’s Game Time


Craft Categories – Music/Jingle for Commercials
It’s Game Time


Commercials – General – Entertainment/Amusement for Commercials


It’s Game Time


Craft Categories – Directing for Commercials


It’s Game Time


Craft Categories – Use of Humor for Commercials

VIVO360 also won for Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson, a premier food festival showcasing the diversity of dining options at the world’s busiest airport. The one-day event featured 30-plus eateries, including quick-service restaurants, chef-driven concepts and popular homegrown options as well as live music. VIVO360 created several communications elements along with its partner, Golin Atlanta.



Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson Premium Food Festival


Film/Video-Social Issues/Responsibility for Film/Video/Television


Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson (Not Your Ordinary Airport Food)


Content & Marketing Campaign—Branded Social Campaign for Social


Congratulations to all the teams involved in each of these award-winning projects!

See the full list of winners and honors-mention recipients here.


Celebrate National Burger Month!

Celebrate National Burger Month!


May is National Burger Month, and we celebrated big in the VIVO360 office. We ate lunch together over a juicy burger and we each shared what we love most about burgers.


VIVO360’s President, Sophie’s Burger

Sophie does not eat your typical beef burger, so she enjoys a black bean patty when she chooses to indulge in a burger. She loves a black bean patty topped with guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and anything that adds Jamaican flavor; hot peppers are “to die for,” on her burger, she says. When Sophie still lived in Jamaica, her homeland, her mother would make burgers for her. Her mom made her own recipe with scallions, and many Jamaican seasonings mixed into the meat and passed through a grinder to mix all the flavors together. Now Sophie enjoys a black bean burger with a side of delicious sweet potato fries. Her drink of choice to wash down her bites is a lychee martini.


Egan’s Burger

Egan enjoys Angus beef burgers the most! He remembers the first burger he ever tried was from Burger King, and now prefers it to the classic McDonalds burger. He likes his burgers topped with ketchup and mustard, but if he could choose anything and everything to decorate his burger it would include two Angus patties with mushrooms, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese, drizzled with hot sauce. Egan enjoys a spicy burger. His favorite side is sweet potato fries and if he’s in a bar setting enjoying his burger he’s drinking a cold beer.


Montana’s Burger

Montana loves burgers! He enjoys a well-cooked burger over a steak any day. He prefers his burgers to be cooked on the grill. Montana promises anyone that his dad makes the best burgers. His dad’s burgers will make you choose a burger over a steak as well! One of Montana’s favorite ways his Dad makes burgers is when he puts bleu cheese in the patty before they’re cooked, so it melts throughout the burger while cooking. His favorite burger recipe is a patty topped with mushrooms, bacon, and Swiss cheese. He loves a burger accompanied with a cold Pepsi, but will take a Coke instead since he is a new Georgia resident.


Denae’s Burger

Denae loves a good classic burger. She suggests a burger-cooked medium is the best way to enjoy a burger. She says as soon as it starts getting warm outside and summertime is approaching, she only craves burgers. She enjoys a burger topped with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fried egg. She even sometimes likes to dip her burger bites in chipotle ranch. She loves a side of waffle fries with her burger. Denae keeps it simple and enjoys a glass of cold water to go with a burger.

                               Celebrate National Burger Day at ATL Airport

Check out what VIVO360 Inc., Golin, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport have been cooking up for National Hamburger Day. We share some of the best spots to get a hamburger while traveling in the airport. Check out our social. If you like the look and feel of this video drop us a line at

Top 10 Marketing Tips For Nonprofit Companies

Top 10 Marketing Tips For Nonprofit Companies

  1. Connect your blog, website, and social media into a network.
  2. Create and write engaging content on all your social platforms as well as the site.
  3. Team up with a for-profit business.
  4. Segment email list to build donor relationships.
  5. Create pay per click campaigns.
  6. Book speaking engagements.
  7. Educate your audience.
  8. Have a clear call to action.
  9. Create a podcast.
  10. Host contests and regular events.
VIVO360 highlights SHEROES for Women’s History month.

VIVO360 highlights SHEROES for Women’s History month.


   C.J. Walker Overcoming the Odds

This women’s history month we would like to celebrate the life of Madame C.J. Walker. Born in Delta, Louisiana to two slaves, she was one of six children. At the tender age of 10, both her parents died from sickness and she became a domestic worker and lived with her older sister. To escape the abuse from her brother-in-law she married Moses. They had one child together before he died and then she went on to marry two other men until she finally took the name from her last marriage and became Madame C.J. Walker. She started selling hair products from Annie Malone and then was able to create her own line of products soon after. Her husband helped her with marketing her products, which spread all over the United States and into the Caribbean. She died from kidney failure on May 25, 1919. Madame C.J. Walker’s papers are at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis, and her two properties are on the National Register of Historic Places: Villa Lewaro in Irvington and the Madame Walker Theatre Center in Indianapolis.

Women Giving Back

On the evening of November 9, 1946, Margaret Roselle Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott invited seven of their friends to join them in organizing a new type of inter-city club. The two women envisioned an organization that would help empower black women to better themselves as well as the communities in which they lived. Today The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated (The Links) philanthropy, is felt across not only the United States but in various countries throughout the world. VIVO360 is honored to have The Links, as not just a client but a true partner in helping them fulfill their vision with many distinguished women who are members and individual achievers, who make a difference in their communities and the world.

Young Women Rewriting The Rules   

It’s a struggle for women to break into specific industries, but for Nija Charles it’s just another day at the office. She is the songwriter and record producer for some of the biggest names in the music industry. She took an interest in music at an early age when her aunt and uncle started to experiment with the production software, Fruity Loops. It was at that moment she wanted to pursue a career in music, so she enrolled in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the University of New York. During her second semester, she met her manager Christian who flew her to Los Angeles to work with other producers in the recording industry. Since then she has produced for chart-topping artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Cardi B, and Jason Derulo. You make us all proud Nija!

  Changing the Way Women View Style

Sara Blakely founder of Spanx changed the way women viewed themselves by making a needed change in the intimate apparel industry. Blakely was born in Clearwater, Florida; she is the daughter of an artist and trial attorney. Her intention for going to school was to become an attorney, but she didn’t score as well as she thought and instead accepted a job at Walt Disney World and during this period she did stand up. Eventually, she took a sales job selling fax machines door to door. She had to wear pantyhose but did not like the way the seam looked when wearing open-toed shoes but loved the idea that the control top model eliminated panty lines. She experimented with cutting off the feet of her pantyhose while wearing them under a new pair of slacks. The pantyhose continuously rolled up her legs, but she achieved the desired result which was a body contouring look. Still working at her current job she spent the next two years researching her idea. She found a factory in North Carolina to create her product and patented the design. She arranged a meeting with Neiman Marcus where she was able to sell her product in seven stores. She sent her product to the Oprah Winfrey Network, and Oprah started using her product. That was the defining moment that pushed her product to the forefront of the market place making her a millionaire in the process.

VIVO360 Behind-The-Scenes of the Big Game

VIVO360 Behind-The-Scenes of the Big Game

Creative Design Digital Super Bowl Uncategorized

Watch Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airports new twist on Concessions.

VIVO360 created and produced “Game Time”. A commercial for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s ATL Skypointe during The Big Game season. The commercial was directed by Leo Marshall with Leo Marshall Creative and the music is produced and arranged by Issac “Picasso” White.

The commercial will be aired on CNN Airport Channels, mobile ads and broadcast TV throughout the Big Game weekend.  Let us know if you see it during your travels and don’t forget you have the opportunity to taste some of Atlanta’s award-winning food from over 100 restaurants in the airport.

VIVO360 behind The Big Game

VIVO360 rose to the occasion when tapped to work directly with the NFL on creative design and printing work. “A year of planning and meetings has led to this moment and The Big Game,” said Sophie Gibson, VIVO360’s fearless leader.  “We were honored to answer the call when bluemedia and sp+ GAMEDAY direct vendors with the NFL, also called on us. This would not have been possible without the Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee and their superstars, Lee Hendrickson, Vice President, Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs and Chincie Mouton, Assitant Director, Projects and Community Engagement.

Special thank you to Ms. B.J. Waymer, with B.J. Associates, Inc., who leads the NFL Business Connect supplier diversity initiative for the NFL and Ms. Stacey Key, president & CEO of GMSDC and her outstanding team, that includes Reggie Phams.

Print Shop 2


VIVO360 is proud to work directly with the NFL

One of the projects we worked on included designing and printing personalized photo credentials and signs for the NFL’s December Planning held here in Atlanta.



We are grateful for the opportunities that were provided to us and look forward to working with the NFL Business Connect program in the future.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 3.16.02 PM

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 3.18.32 PM




I must say that after looking at the Heineken Ad, it’s clear they missed the mark, which Heineken agrees! don’t think it was done with malicious intent or that Heineken was looking for an opportunity to create controversy! I really think there is a big percentage of the world that’s represented within Ad agencies – that have no clue or do not care to understand that varying perspectives exist in the world besides their own. Even though this is what communications and advertising is all about – getting to understand others so you can communicate with them.  The trouble here is, if you are still in 2018 only seeing the world through the dominant culture’s perspective then the way you communicate will consistently include mishaps like this with Heineken and Pepsi! (Watch the Ad)


A person who tweets this “They were definitely not addressing race.. people really out here making something out of nothing. Y’all need to find better ways to spend your time lol,” represents someone not asked to prove they belong on a daily basis in this world! So as far as they are concerned the dominant culture’s preoperative is always right and there is no need for questioning! This brings up another point – so many brands consolidated their advertising spend to one agency and asked their general market agency to hire more diversely, to replace their Hispanic or African-American Agencies. This does not solve the problem. No matter how talented you are… if your views and creative expressions are outliers in any agency that you are the minority in then it’s hard to get buy in on your reality of the world.

I suggest you ask and LISTEN to people who do not share your opinion and whose everyday life is different from yours! Too many brands miss the mark and fail when it comes to advertising to diverse markets or including diversity that’s respectful in advertising. I look forward to hearing other opinions on this topic! Reach me at (



Circle of Influence Awards Video

Circle of Influence Awards Video


There is no better time like the Holidays to express our gratitude for your continued support of VIVO360 in all our endeavors throughout the year!
Wishing you a season of joy and looking forward to continued success in 2018.

Thanks again for your support of the Circle of Influence Awards Reception – as C-Founder we want to share the video recap with you – please enjoy and share! See you at next year’s Circle of Influence Awards!

The United Nations Joins the World of AR – Augmented Reality – Delivered to the Masses

The United Nations Joins the World of AR – Augmented Reality – Delivered to the Masses


Since January 2015, the UN SDG Action Campaign has coordinated the United Nations Virtual Reality Series to bring the world’s most pressing challenges home to decision makers and global citizens around the world, pushing the bounds of empathy. The UN Virtual Reality Series shows the human story behind development challenges, allowing people with the power to make a difference have a deeper understanding of the everyday realities of those in danger of being left behind.


Take a look at the VR Films

CLOUDS OVER SIDRA  – click to view

Clouds Over Sidra is the story of a 12 year old girl who has lived there since the summer of 2013. The film follows her to school, to her makeshift tent and even to the football pitch.

WAVES OF GRACE  – click to view

Waves of Grace is the second VR film of the UN Virtual Reality and Vulnerable Groups Series, result of a collaboration between the United Nations Millennium Campaign and Vrse.Works – with the additional support of Vice Media for this film – and co-created by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk.

VIVO360’s president delivers well received Social Media Bootcamp

VIVO360’s president delivers well received Social Media Bootcamp


Great event at GWBC’s POP MarketPlace, yesterday – August 24, 2017. VIVO360’s founder & president, Sophie Gibson presented her Social Media Bootcamp workshop to a packed audience! #VIVO360 #socialmediamarketing #gwbc Stay tuned for more events and workshops. Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Dena Van Winkle, Yvone Wiltz with Von Creations, Myra Ingram, Executive Director with HEAD START and of course the tireless staff with GWBC, especially Stephanie Williams.IMG_6804