VIVO360 was born in 2001 as a Digitally-led, Cross-media Creative Agency. Today, digital is a word that is used synonymously with business. 16 years later the industry, our clients’ and their challenges have taken a new course, one that includes digital in every aspect of their business.

VIVO360 was formed on the hypothesis that technology and marketing would eventually intermingle and coexist together in an experience like no other. In 2001 we had no idea that our hypothesis would be as true as it is today. These experiences, whether it be online or through traditional media, connect us together through something more than what we see. There is an emotional attachment, a relationship, an engagement that is built through these different experiences.

16 years ago we predicted the future.

Today, we continue to deliver authentic experiences through multi-platform engagements. We keep the end-user at the forefront of every strategic experience we develop. Clients’ understand us as thought leaders in the industry and look to our expertise for engagements that retain their existing customers and lead them to new markets.

VIVO360 @ The Core of Digital

Digital Platforms
User Experience

Your Future is NOW! Digital Strategy for your Enterprise

The key is determining how your digital strategy will positively affect your end users (customers) and make their lives easier! After all, it’s about their EXPERIENCE and their INTERACTION with your organization.
A successful Digital Business Model starts with an organization’s strategy with their culture intertwined, which is then reflected and highlighted in their creative designs that they showcase to the World through various platforms including social media and website. All platforms that end users interface with the organization are ALL crucial because the engagement and interaction between end users and the organization dictates the experience – the organization has and the experience your customers, partners and All stakeholders will have.

We can help you drive the Next-Generation of your customers Engagement and Experience – ask us how today. Send an email to: and put HOW in the subject line.


What We Do

Our world-class team of brand strategists, interactive marketers and digital creatives have converged in Atlanta to create intelligent and innovative experiences like no other. Our team is a partnership. We work with each other and our clients to produce the following experiences:

VIVO360’s Methodology
The 5 D’s –
Discover – the goals of the business
Define – the challenge
Develop – the strategy
Design – the solution
Deliver – the results


Let Us Help You
Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the rest.

VIVO360 creates and delivers universally accessible experiences across multiple platforms that truly delight, inform and inspire our clients and their customers around the world to realize their full potential.


We are a collaborative community of intellect and talent. We thrive on creativity, innovation, imagination and are passionate about what we do.

  • Build an open and honest family environment.
  • Encourage self-expression by embracing creativity.
  • Be passionate and go the extra mile.
  • Pursue personal growth and learning.
  • Be Humble.
  • Give back to the community through service.
  • Embrace innovation and drive change.
  • Embrace your weirdness.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Listen.

Listed here are some of the accolades we’ve received from notable institutions, publications, and peers. This list includes awards our clients have received as well as general VIVO360 recognition.

GD USA and Davey Award


Listed here are some of the accolades we’ve received from notable institutions, publications, and peers. This list includes awards our clients have received as well as general VIVO360 recognition.